• Genesis Polymers

    Genesis Polymers is a leading supplier of essential resins to manufacturers across diverse industries. We designed and developed a user-friendly website for Genesis Polymers, improving the customer experience and simplifying access to product information. With efficient search functionality and easy datasheet downloads, the website ensures seamless access to comprehensive product details. This enhances customer satisfaction…

  • Blue Polymers

    Blue Polymers stands as a collaborative creation between Republic Services, a prominent figure in the environmental services sector, and Ravago, a leader in polymer recycling and distribution. Our contribution involved the design and development of a fresh WordPress website, aimed at facilitating the successful launch and growth of this new brand.

  • Muehlstein

    Muehlstein is a global leader in plastics distribution, compounding, and recycling. In 2018, we embarked on a website redesign journey to enhance the user experience and strengthen the brand. Our goal was to create an intuitive and engaging digital platform that showcases Muehlstein’s industry leadership and unique identity. Through user-centric design and a cohesive brand…